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Acquistion and disposal audits...what are they?


Company acquisition and disposal represent two business transactions that require consulting by auditors. Specialised auditors handle the sellers/buyers and oversee the operations of acquiring an organisation through risk and security analyses, or conversely, they oversee the operations to dispose of an organisation with an appropriate strategy.


Roles of an acquisition and disposal auditor


The auditor’s main role is to evaluate the prices of the sellers/buyers and to determine the feasibility as well as profitability of either acquiring or disposing of a company. Similar to other types of auditing, an acquisition and disposal auditor primarily advises his clients on financial responsibilities tied to the various procedures the business desires to undertake.

The auditor makes recommendations in matters of all operations according to the regulations and requirements of the industry, the fiscal authorities, and the corporate rules. The company is typically evaluated and a plan is put into place in order to ensure the next steps are conducive to financial sustainability and to the overall success of the business. 



To ensure your financial sustainability and the success of your business, you are presented with a number of accountants specialising in acquisition and disposal auditing on Welink Accountants. With years of experience behind them and a consistent effort to find the best solutions for their clients, our qualified accountants are a great choice for your acquisition and disposal auditing needs. 



Patrick and Co (SCO) Ltd

Patrick and Co is a firm of qualified accountants based in Aboyne UK. This company is a customer oriented accounting firm providing high quality and efficient services to its clients so clients can focus on growing their businesses.


With small to medium sized companies, sole traders and partnerships alike, Patrick and Co (SCO) Ltd delivers a full range of professional taxation and accounting and bookkeeping services. The firm has over a decade of experience with a strong knowledge of financial aspects of a business. 


Inchmead Ltd

Inchmead Ltd is a firm of qualified accountants based in Woodley UK. The company was founded in 1994 and has extensive knowledge in assisting small to medium sized businesses in all financial aspects. Inchmead Ltd delivers a full range of accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services tailored to each client in order to allow clients to focus on their businesses. 


This firm has over a decade of experience in various industries with both international and local businesses, and provides tailored service to each of its clients. 

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