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B2B Marketing: 5 tips for your LinkedIn Content Strategy

Article by Nude Digital 


With over 722 million professionals registered, LinkedIn has become the best platform for organisations and B2B marketers. And with recent events forcing businesses to focus on digitalisation, we saw a significant rise in content creation. Both businesses and individuals have been boosting their content to try and stay connected with their peers and with the industry. We also witnessed an increase in conversations on LinkedIn. As the crisis is still unfolding and professionals are unable to do business face-to-face, it has become the go-to channel for networking as well. 


So how can businesses use LinkedIn to reach their full digital potential? As specialists on the matter, we put together 5 tips that will help you build a great content strategy, improve your brand awareness, and generate more website traffic.



1/ Conduct a competitive analysis

Do you know who your direct competitors are? Look them up. What are they talking about? What is their unique selling point? What is their tone of voice? This will help you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and identify areas of improvement. It’s a great first move, especially if you don’t know where to start or what type of content you should be promoting. Keeping an eye on your competitors’ activity will allow you stay one step ahead. 


B2B Marketing: 5 tips for your LinkedIn Content Strategy


2/ Establish your target audience

Who are you selling to? Your content needs to be tailored to your target audience’s traits and interests, otherwise your engagement rate will drop. You need to provide your audience with useful and insightful information. Try to create a customer profile by looking at your current customers, and identify characteristics like age group, industry, job titles, hobbies, interests etc. Based on this, we create content categories and test to see what your audience reacts to the most. This will come in handy when you decide to invest in paid advertisement as well. 



3/ Share branded content

Many companies fail to understand the importance of consistent branding throughout the feed. Brand guidelines can help you create content that is immediately recognizable by your target audience, by using the same colours, shapes, templates, tone of voice etc. It often helps to build trust and loyalty amongst your consumers, which has a great impact on their purchasing decision. And if you are in a highly competitive industry, this will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. 


B2B Marketing: 5 tips for your LinkedIn Content Strategy



4/ Ask your employees to share the content 

Have you heard of the spider-web effect? If your page has 1,000 followers, that’s the most users your content can reach. But when your employees share it, your post is exposed to all of their connections. For example, if a company has 10 employees, and each of them has at least 500 connections, it means you can reach up to 5,000 users (or more) just by having everyone share the content on their personal profiles. 



5/ Link your content to your website

This is the most effective way of generating traffic to your website. Links are usually accompanied by call-to-action phrases, such as ‘Read more on our website’ or ‘More information on the link below’. LinkedIn allows company pages to change the link previews, which means you can maintain branding consistency as well, and create templates for different content categories. This plays an important role in your lead generation funnel, as it brings users one step closer to converting to paying customers. 


It’s very clear that a robust LinkedIn strategy is crucial to your business’ growth and success. It can help you build brand awareness, credibility, increase web traffic and generate high quality leads. It’s also a great platform to gain industry insights and create a meaningful network. Its power is limitless, so make sure you don’t miss out.



About Nude Digital : Nude Digital is a London-based digital agency, specialising in B2B marketing across various sectors. Working with businesses all over the world, Nude Digital helps it clients build robust content strategies, creating effective lead generation funnels and paid ads with high return-on-investment.

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