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Meet the 3 best accounting software of 2021

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The 3 BEST accounting software

Accounting software is a very useful tool if you are looking to automate processes within your company, saving time and increasing productivity. If you are struggling with the accounting of your business, perhaps accounting software is what you need.


Tools to deposit all the information of your transactions, payments and also create accurate financial reports, are some of the possibilities you have when using accounting software. Some software are even available on phones to allow you to keep an eye on your finances at any given time.


In this article, Welink will tell you which are the best accounting systems that can make your life easier. Don't miss them!





1. 3 Accounting software you won't want to miss out on

  • a. Crunch

  • b. Nubox

  • c. Slick Pie

2. Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring an accounting software



1. 3 Accounting software you won't want to miss out on




Crunch is an online accounting software service that provides accounting services to self-employed individuals including contractors, freelancers and small business owners.


Crunch provides expert advice for its users and offers readily available support to make their finances and lives easier.





Nubox is a company that provides software services using the cloud, always updated, focused on small or medium businesses, all online.


Its monthly cost is around 50€. It also has a HubSpot integration with the CRM, which allows you to view all your invoices without leaving the program.



Slick Pie


This software is specialised in accounting automation, with this software you can create invoices almost automatically with the help of a preinstalled app called MagicBot, in order to add accounts to the register and receipts. It also has a free plan and a business plan starting at £30.


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2. Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring an accounting software


There are several advantages that come with using an accounting system, let's see the most important ones:

  • The records generated are stable and provide a high level of security by not losing valuable information about your data. You will have a solid and fully available database to back up all your imputed data.
  • It simplifies the financial reporting process and reduces the possibility of errors.

Similarly, when choosing accounting software, it is important to consider its disadvantages:

Any power or internet failure can cause delays in your work.

  • Configuring the system can be complicated because you will be working with generalised software that cannot address the particular interests and needs of each company. 
  • Some offer customisations but contain many limitations, so every time your company grows or needs new features, you will have to migrate all your information and customise the new software again.
  • Costly maintenance. For some businesses, it may take years before the investment is recouped.

The best way to have effective results for your business’ accounting is to rely on an accounting consultant, who will guide you in your choice of accounting software.

A professional consultant will be there to answer your questions. It’s possible to find consultants with affordable hourly fees.

Welink helps you find the specialist who will push you to the next level, encouraging you to learn and implement the best accounting tools. Because for every company there is a professional accountant. Go to Welink and find yours.

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