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How to hire in the UK ?

How to hire in the UK ?

The job of talent acquisition lays the foundation of any company. When you are hiring an employee for your company in UK, then you might need to take care of certain things. Don’t worry, in the steps below, you will come to know about ways of hiring your employees

How to hire your employee?

There are no specific requirements regarding how to hire an employee in the UK. Within two months of the first day on which the employee joined your company, you must produce a written document detailing the key terms of his engagement. This document must contain the job title, salary, hours of work, the right to holidays, any payment for periods when the employee is absent from work due to ill health, any retirement in place for the employee and the notice period to be observed to terminate employment.

In practice, it is very common to draw up a contract of employment between the employee and the employer. This legal document may indeed include, in addition to the elements specified above, additional protections for the employer relating to confidentiality, the intellectual property and post-employment restrictions to prevent the employee from "stealing" other key employees, customers or suppliers of his former business

Working time

Working time in the UK is governed by the Working Time Directive (“WTD”). Its principal aim is to protect the health and safety of employees at work.WTD therefore establishes that employees are entitled to:

  • a minimum daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours in every 24-hour period;
  • a rest break after six hours of work;
  • a weekly rest period of at least 24 hours in every seven-day period; 
  • at least four weeks paid annual leave.

In addition to these obligations, the WTD fixes the weekly working time at 48 hours, calculated over a continuous period of four months. In practice, however, employees in the UK very often withdraw from this restriction and work more than the average weekly limit.

Hiring an immigrant worker

If you want to hire an immigrant worker in your company, you must check that he has permission to work in the UK. If the individuals you employ blongs to one of these categories of persons, he doesn't need permission to work in the UK:

  • British citizens;
  • a person with the right to abode, citizen of certain commonwealth countries that are free from immigration restraints
  • persons with indefinite leave to remain 
  • nationals of the European Economic Area;
  • Swiss citizens;

If your future employee is not on this list, they must have a visa under the government's point system. The system consists of five levels, levels 1, 2 and 5 specifically relating to employment in the United Kingdom, each level having a different point requirement. Hiring a level 2 or 5 employee requires the intervention of the UK border agency.

Workplace Pensions

If one of your employees in your UK company earns more than £ 10,000.00, you will be subject to the self-registration process. You must then enroll your employees in an workplace pension scheme. You must start the automatic registration process for your employees depending on the date on which you must first pay tax deductions from the wages of your employee paid more than £ 10,000.00 to HMRC, called "PAYE scheme".

Minimum Wage in the UK

UK labor law has set a national minimum wage for employees. This minimum wage is adjusted according to the age of the workers. Employees between the ages of 21 and 24 are entitled to a minimum wage of £ 7.38 per hour. For employees aged 25 and over, the national minimum wage is £ 7.83. per hour.

You now know the obligations to respect in order to hire an employee in your company but do not hesitate to be accompanied by your accountant in your personnel management.

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