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Interview with Christine, Director of Tax Accounting Solutions 

Interview with Christine, Director of Tax Accounting Solutions 

The Association of Financial Accountants is an International Professional Training Association based in 39 Mark Road, HP2 7DN Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom.


They offer training on a range of different topics to business owners and start-ups, covering topics such as accounting, Sage, business law and business creation.


They issue Practising Certificates to accountants registered with us for 3 years or more with practical and theoretical experience or QBE only. As a beginner, you can either train with them for 3 years or with one of the other professional bodies and then obtain the Practising Certificate.



Part 1: Presentation of Christine, Director of Tax Accounting Solutions 



1. Introduce yourself : 


My name is Christine Adedokun, director of Tax Accounting Solutions which we formed about 3 years ago.




Part 2: Description of career before working in accounting in the firm Tax Accounting Solutions



2. What drove you to become an accountant?

When I was a teenage I went to the job centre when I was leaving school I saw an advert for the ACA to be trained in-house. I thought it sounded fantastic as there was course work and also practical training But decided that if there was an accountancy Institution that was soley Academic that is what I would prefer



3. How long have you been an accountant?

It's coming up to 40 years now believe it or not! As you can imagine, things have changed a lot.



4. How did you get to this position ?


I became a director of Tax Accounting Solution after Accountin Solutions branched off to create a new one. I am still the director of Accounts solutions also a FELLOW member of the IFA and FTA as well as IPA & Also  Fellow of Cost & EXCECUTIVE Accountants



5. Why did you start your own company? 

I’ve always wanted to as it seemed to be the best way to give me a bit more freedom. There is more work, but the freedom that you get from running your own company makes it all worth it.



Part 3: Missions of the accounting profession



6. Day to Day - what does it look like?

It starts at 8am with collecting letters  and generally finishes at 8pm. I often find myself at work for a lot longer than expected but then again, that's part of the role.



7. What is your role in Tax Accounting Solutions?


My ideal client would be anyone who needs my services for tax returns, self assessment, or even things related to government issues which people find stressful. Sometimes, I also help expats who are looking to go abroad and need to arrange their finances for the move overseas.



8. What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I like the fact that I’m free to organize my days how I wish. I also really like figure crunching, which has always been interesting for me. 

Being an organized person, I’ve also always liked working under a deadline.



9. What are the main difficulties in your job?

The tiny aspects of the job can be challenging. There are always tedious aspects of every job such as filing and other repetitive tasks that can be a bit of a drag.



Part 4: Qualities & Skills of the accounting profession 



10. What do you consider to be the most important aspects of being an accountant



Everything counts. The details are very important, but all aspects of the work are equally important in my view.



11. How do you describe yourself in 5 words?

  • Dedicated
  • Articulate
  • Responsible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Caring & Reliable a person of integrity



12. What advice would you give to someone new to the accounting industry?

You must have the desire to do the job. This is the most important thing which will get you past the challenges.



Part 5: Developments when you are an accountant 



13. How do you see the accounting industry changing in the next few years?

I think that it’s been great in the last few years. The technological advantages have led to huge improvements with efficiency. The software makes it a lot easier to do everything digitally.



14. How do you keep up to date with important accounting industry news?

My Fraternity, the IFA Institute of financial accounts, is really good at keeping its members in the loop with news from the industry. We also have workshops and meetings several times a year.



Part 6: Other 


  •  Hobbies:

Reading novels: but before when I had the time! Now I love watching some great TV shows including houses under the hammer, grand designs and other properties.


  • Music: 

Everything but especially Christian music with African rhythms.


  • Food: 

As long as it's healthy it OK with me


  • Hidden Talents: 

Not so much, but it’s never too late to learn!

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