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Do I need a Personal Tax Account?

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Personal tax account


A personal tax account is a platform set up by the HMRC to provide the public with a safe, one-stop platform for all tax information and interactions with the HMRC.




  1. What is a Personal Tax Account?
  2. What can I do with my Personal Tax Account?
  3. Who needs a Personal Tax Account?
  4. What do I need to open a Personal Tax Account?
  5. Is a Personal Tax Account the same as a Self-Assessment?


1. What is a Personal Tax Account?


A personal tax account was an initiative set up by the HMRC in 2015 “in order to revolutionise the way customers interact with HMRC”. The idea is to provide the public with a safe and secure, yet easy-to-use, one-stop platform for all tax information and interactions with the HMRC. In this way, users can manage all their tax affairs directly through their account instead of having to get in contact with the HMRC. 


2. What can I do with my Personal Tax Account?


The purpose of the creation and implementation of the personal tax account is to cater to all users, whether you are employed, self-employed or simply earning additional income, the personal tax account can be used for:


  • Viewing your Income Tax estimate
  • Filling, Viewing, and submitting your tax return forms
  • Tracking any forms you have submitted online
  • Claiming any tax refunds
  • Viewing and managing your credits
  • Informing HMRC of a change of address
  • Viewing or updating your marriage allowance
  • Checking your state pension or state pension forecast
  • Informing HMRC of any changes that will affect your Child Benefits
  • Check how much you have earned through employment over the previous five years and how much tax you have paid


These are the most common services available, but since the initial setup of the personal tax account, more and more services have been added as needed, and we can safely assume that the service will be constantly updated as and when necessary. 

3. Who needs a Personal Tax Account?


It is safe to say that everyone should have a personal tax account. In general, an individual's personal tax accounts is clearly a topic where everyone should be informed and updated. Added to this, with the plethora of services available, why not create your account? 

Anyone who has had to deal with a tax refund or updating one's information knows the painstaking process that can manifest! In the past, this has led to many not checking for benefits such as tax refunds or fearing initiating simple processes like changing an address. With the introduction of the personal tax account, these fears can be completely dispelled. As an example, when applying for a change for a child allowance, in the past a copy of the child's birth certificate would have to be sent to a local office, whereas with the personal tax account, the birth certificate can be scanned using a mobile device and simply uploaded to your account. Following on from that, the user can track the application easily through their account instead of having to waste time calling the local office. 


4. What do I need to open a Personal Tax Account?


In order to register for your personal tax account, you just need your National Insurance Number, Passport and a recent P60. Then the registration can be done in about 10 minutes!  


  1. Go to the personal tax account on the HMRC website and click start now
  2. Click on the Create an Account option
  3. Choose your register option (many people seem to like the Government Gateway option)
  4. Create a Government Gateway User ID
  5. You may have to answer security questions (such as whether you are setting up the personal tax account for a third party)
  6. Input your Email address
  7. Confirm your email via the email sent to your address
  8. Once the email is confirmed you will provide your full name
  9. Provide a recovery phrase, in case you forget your password
  10. Choose how to receive your access code - via text or phone call
  11. Verify your identity using your personal documents and National Insurance Number
  12. Decide if you want to go paperless or still receive letters from the HMRC


That's it! 12 simple steps to set up your personal tax account. 


5. Is a Personal Tax Account the same as a Self-Assessment?


The personal tax account is not the same as a self-assessment but is where you can submit your self-assessment application. With the personal tax account, this is now simpler than ever before. NO need to wait in line or put together a folder of all your information. According to the Gov.uk website, once you stick to the relevant timelines by applying before the deadline of January 31st you will only need to follow a few simple steps:


First, gather the information you need:

  • Your phone, tablet, or device connected to the internet to access your personal tax account
  • Your National Insurance number
  • A recent payslip or P60 
  • A phone to receive your security access code


Second, go to www.gov.uk/selfassessment to register and enroll.

  • Use the activation code (which has been sent through the post) to gain access to Government Gateway and set up their account (if not already done) and a security access code will be sent to the user’s phone which will need to be entered.
  • You will then be asked to confirm who you are by answering a few simple questions - this is where a payslip or P60 is needed, and once confirmed you will have access to their Personal Tax Account.



Regardless of the number of updates that are made through technology, the issue of taxes will always remain a confusing area for many people. Not only is it an area that constantly changes, but the importance it holds to every member of the public means that there is no shame in seeking help!


Although the personal tax account does make things easier, if you have a particular issue or cannot find the answers you require, it is advisable to call in an expert. There are many accountants throughout the UK who still offer personal services. For many, this may seem like an unnecessary expenditure due to what may seem a small return on investment, but due to the experience of such accountants and the competition in the market, these accountants price themselves in a way that almost guarantees at least a satisfactory service. As an example, many accountants working in this area only charge a commission on the money that you receive on the refund they get you, and in some cases only when the refund surpasses a certain amount. 


Along with the HMRC introducing the personal tax account to simplify their service, there are also other platforms online to help you find an accountant with the expertise you need in a fast and easy way. Head over to Welink Accountants and you will be matched up with an expert accountant in just a few clicks, who will be able to help you with issues you are having with your personal tax account.

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